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  1. Realize

Written, Composed, Produced and Performed by Queen Marilyn 1


REALIZE M. DAVID, T. COUTURIER © 2008 All Rights reserved
Marilyn David & Thierry Couturier
He said a dollar can do
everything I need
but nothing quite like
what he would do
now that he is needing me
I don't wanna be here
but I can't choose
between him and this
cause when he's got to take a stand
he'll be leaving me.
He doesn’t realise that
he don't love her
to my arms he keeps running back
says he needs me
I'm his peace of mind
He doesn’t realise that
he doesn’t love her anymore anymore
he keeps returning
he says he needs me
peace peace of mind.
Wipe that lipstick from your face
and put on your cologne
you wouldn’t want her to know
why you weren’t home
how could she keep you
when I'm here giving you all you need
what would it take for you to leave
I'm crazy thinking you would do.
I chose to live this way
why do I feel so strange
love's not supposed to live with me
why do i feel so blue
when you never promised me
our love would last eternally
someday we'd start a family
these dreams will never ever be
oh what a fool to hope that you'd
spend the rest of your days with me
hiding lying and crying.
you torture me!
I'm loving you!
It's all making me weak!