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Don't struggle to fit in, you were born to stand out!”

— Queen Marilyn 1

Style Redefine

Queen Marilyn 1 Of London #NewPop

Cinematic Dance Pop

The new pop

Today's music industry involves a lot of experimental creativity and eclectic approaches to keep music moving forward. Often times, music has a deep array of sounds because of the way genres are becoming more expressive and kept open to the modern day movements like fusing various musical genres together until a musician gets the exact sound that makes them who they are as a musician. Multi-talented artist Marilyn David, also known as Queen Marilyn 1, fused together Electronic, Hip-Hop, Pop, Classical music and Soul in ways to bring about her talent as a composer, producer, and musician. One of her recent covers of Metallica's Nothing Else Matters explains how this dynamic combination works amazingly together. Her cultivated creativity will leave a great impact on the world of music. Also redefining style in amazing ways, she has many gifts to share with her audience in an empowering type of way. Be inspired!

Megan Hatfield - Style Redefine

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Queen Marilyn 1 Introduces New Pop
Queen Marilyn 1 Body Mind & Soul New Pop
Queen Marilyn 1 London's New Pop Artist

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