Love Can Heal Your Broken Heart 

Hello, thank you #hearts and fans for number 1 it is truly amazing! Apologies for holding back this Friday bi-weekly release. I have had to deal with something that has been disturbing me for a number of years 

The knife crimes in England and Wales is increasing at an alarming rate! This year 135 people have died from knife crimes, victims as young as 14 years both male and female.  The knife attackers sometimes are teenagers as young as 13. it leads me to wonder what is fuelling this violence? I recently had a traumatizing experience while commuting on the bus, shortly before another traumatizing incidence that involved a lesbian couple savagely attacked by a group of four male teenagers between the ages of 15 and 18 happened. 

These kids had been hostile while waiting at the bus station, there was a Policeman who walked up and stood by them observing the four who are barely teens, the oldest might have been 13 and the youngest 10. The police presence did nothing to deter them and they carried on right into the Bus. 

I had to think hard before posting the video because I realized though I was tremendously upset by the situation, these are kids that need a firm hand but also a lot of love, I tried to imagine the state of abandon that resulted in them roaming the city ready to cause havoc, I couldn’t help but imagine how bad it could end for them and for us the larger society. I decided to post this video knowing that I cannot protect their identities but hoping to send this message out to them and to any child, young person, individual feeling abandoned who might be watching.

Love yourself even when it hurts to be you and there is no love around 

Love yourself because you are all you have 

Love yourself because you are beautiful on the inside and if you keep loving yourself it will show on the outside. 

Love yourself and be your own best friend others will let you down 

Love yourself and trust your self you can and will do better 

Love yourself and forgive yourself tough times don’t last but you’re tougher and can breakthrough 

Love yourself so you can love somebody else. 

Love can heal don’t give up on yourself

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